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About Dr. Shauntae

Winning is just a mindset and having a positive perception even during unfavorable circumstances. But, unfortunately, sometimes, we may face life situations where we may perceive there is no way out.


There was a time in Dr. Shauntae’s life when she lived her lifeguarded. She did not want to be disappointed because it would bring her to a state of low emotions and negative thinking. However, she realized there would be disappointments in life, but she had to keep moving. So, she made a conscious decision every day to see that the glass was half full. 


Today, she is a certified Christian counselor, entrepreneur, and author. In addition, she has the honor of being a wife (30 years) and mother of five children.


Through counseling, strategy & wisdom, she has been able to impact the lives of those around her. Her life message has helped women overcome obstacles relationally, financially, spiritually, internally, and more.


Start your transformation today! The time is now!

Start Your Transformation Today

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